More tackle boxes

My last word for today. This picture speaks a thousand words!! Im not going to give you that many, but I am going to say, Our kids are beginning to forget what playing and imagination is all about. There is far too much technology and we all get sucked into thinking...

Learning together

I would like to learn Te Reo and I thought it might be fun learning together. I do know that the dash above a letter in the word, means a long sound like aa. Please if I’m wrong let me know.

Who deserves Santa??

Now this is more me LOL How many of us can be honest and say “I deserve santa this year” I think we should all strive to become the people santa would come down the chimney for!!

Inspirational quote

LOL I love today’s quote, Cos I know how easy it is to be a Dick, so lets go out of our way to be nice. I think we should do something nice til Xmas everyday. I will tell you about mine and you tell me yours ….its a dare!!! lol