Te Puni Kokori Pub Charities Tect Thank you all so much for your generosity’ Without organizations such as your selves, community organizations would find going far more difficult…so from us all at the garden thank you thank you thank...

Thank you volunteers day

Hey guys for all of you out there that help with the garden Please come along this Sunday from noon for a BBQ and a few pizzas..All weather dependent lol

A laundry tub going spare??

Hey all was wondering if anyone had a laundry tub or large basin the dont need???..We would like to put one at the garden…let me know one here or at 571 2296   deb.mccarthy12@gmail.com……Cheers

A Big Thank You

Its so very cool that the community is giving to the garden..Loads of lovely Awapuni seedlings and Loads of lovely worm filled soil. I haven’t forgotten the rest of you that bring a punnet every so often. Times are getting tougher and more than ever we need to...


I would like to put out there a BIG thank you to the people who have been bringing plants to the garden…This is how we bring community to the garden and the garden to the community..Again thank you all so much