It is very humbling and heartwarming when people give just to give..The garden has had many generous givers. I need you all to know, that without you there would be no garden. Now we have the web site, I will be able to say thank you, and show others that there is good out there.

Todays thank you goes to The Warehouse Fraser Cove… They have supported the garden from the beginning. There last donation to the garden is a large box of grafted Tomato plants.

SO a very big thank you goes out to them

and...Impact Aotearoa...A few weeks now they came down to the garden with a box of vegie seedling.

It was great we had a lovely morning planting their Koha, and watering. SO a very big thank goes out to them

I want all you wonderful people out there That we are very grateful for any help you are prepared to give12208677_10153311057872499_6990916236043314812_n